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Plumbing Maintenance Tips to Protect Your Home in Winter

Water damage is quite prevalent in winter. Winterizing your plumbing can prevent plumbing faults that are often the source of frustration for homeowners. Perform the following maintenance tasks to avoid disruptions to your water supply during the cold season.

Drain Water From Faucets and Outdoor Spigots

Frozen pipes not only halt water supply but also have a high chance of bursting in winter. Luckily, you can prevent this damage by draining faucets and water fixtures.

Close the shut-off valve, usually located near the mains meter. Open the outdoor spigots and faucets in unconditioned areas. By letting the water run, you’ll release pressure and reduce the risk of pipes rupturing in extreme temperatures.

Open the cabinets and closet to allow warm air to circulate into hidden spaces in areas with exposed pipes. Check for air leaks that may be letting cold air into the building. You can seal air leaks with caulking or weather-stripping.

Insulate Pipes to Prevent Water Damage

You may use sleeve insulation on pipes that run in unconditioned spaces, such as crawlspaces and the attic. Water expands as it freezes. The longer the exposure, the higher the chances of bursting pipes.

Insulation can minimize energy consumption when temperatures drop to 31 degrees Fahrenheit in Beaumont, TX. It will reduce the heat loss for pipes leading to your water heater. Insulation is an investment that can cut down your utility bills.

Pay attention to the R-value of the insulation to ensure optimum protection from freezing. The most critical part of the pipe is the section three inches from the water fixture. You can dress up outdoor fixtures with a faucet sock or replace it with a frost-resistant faucet.

Winterize the Water Heater by Draining the Water

Start by checking the heater’s pressure release valve. The valve ensures the system can contain extreme pressure when temperatures fall. If the valve is working, you should hear a hissing sound when you turn the lever.

If water is dripping from the pressure release valve, tighten connections and drain the heater. Sediments can cause the valve to leak. Flushing the tank will also prevent clogging and freezing, which could damage your heating equipment.

Eliminate Plumbing Faults by Scheduling Maintenance

Cracks and fractures can increase the risk of pipes freezing. Schedule an inspection before winter to ensure your plumbing is in excellent condition before temperatures drop.

Routine maintenance also involves flushing and troubleshooting the water heater. Removing the scale prevents clogs and leaks that could damage your water heating equipment. That way, you can have a steady hot water supply throughout the cold season.

Get your home ready for the winter by scheduling maintenance with our top-notch plumbing team. We are a top-rated company fully licensed to serve The Golden Triangle in Southern Texas. Contact EcoWorks Plumbing for more information on our reputable plumbing solutions in Beaumont, TX.

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