Plumbing Service Warranties

All warranties provided include parts and labor. Any fault or failure must be due to normal wear and tear. Any fault or failure due to excessive force, improper maintenance, cleaning, or care is not covered by the warranty. EcoWorks plumbing company will repair any covered unit, up to the cost of the original call; any labor or material costs in excess of the original service call will be due at the time of repair. If an item covered by a warranty can not be repaired, the unit will be replaced with a comparable item with similar features and finish at the discretion of EcoWorks.

This warranty does not cover acts of God such as, failure due to fire, water, or wind damage. If a product fails, EcoWorks Plumbing company is not responsible for any secondary or consequential damage caused. This warranty shall be in place for the time stated. Any invoice with the words “NO WARRANTY” written on it shall not be covered by any warranty expressed or implied. Other than non-warrantied items, all work comes with a (30) day warranty, covering parts and labor as described in this clause. All water heaters come with a (90) ninety day warranty, covering parts and labor as described in this clause. Any extended warranty purchased by the consumer shall be for a period of (1) one year or 365 days from the date of installation.

The cost of extended warranties are 15% of the total cost of the labor and material for each item. When signing an invoice, bill, or estimate that includes or excludes a warranty you agree to the terms above. These terms and conditions may be altered or changed at any time by EcoWorks plumbing company.

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