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6 Tips and Tricks to Increase Your Water Heater’s Efficiency

You’ll want your water heater running efficiently during the colder months to keep your home comfortable. Your water heater uses up to 18% of your average utility bill while allowing you to bathe, cook, and clean. Follow some of these tips and tricks to decrease the demand for your water heater and increase its efficiency.

1. Lower Your Water Heater Temperature

Manufacturers usually have their water heaters set between 120 and 140 degrees, but 120 degrees is optimal. Your system keeps running efficiently without the danger of scalding water at 120 degrees. Every 10-degree increase in water temperature can cost you around 5% more.

2. Insulate Your Water Heater Storage Tank

Your water heater storage tank can only hold a certain amount of hot water and loses heat over time. Adding insulation to the tank and exposed pipes can reduce heat loss by about 25%. Ensure that insulation doesn’t cover the thermostat, burner, top, or bottom to keep the system running safely.

3. Install Low-Flow Fixtures

The demand for your water heater increases during winter, but low-flow fixtures can decrease the stress on your system. Low-flow fixtures in your shower heads and faucets lower the need for hot water and regulate water flow. The comfort of your home increases while you gain a steady hot water supply during peak usage times.

4. Schedule Regular Water Heater Maintenance

Regular maintenance will keep your water heater running efficiently during the colder months. One of the things our plumbers check is the sacrificial anode rod, which indicates if your system is in danger of rusting. You can spot signs of leaking by checking for water pooling near your water heater.

One of the main ways to maintain your water heater is by shutting the power off and flushing your system. You may have a drain near the water heater, but a hose and a bucket will work. Flush your water heater twice a year to protect your system from sediment buildup on the inside of your tank.

5. Install Your Water Heater in the Right Location

Our plumbers can move your water heater to a better location so you can get the most out of your system. A water heater in a garage or basement would use more energy because of the cold air around it. A water heater on the second floor or attic has a high risk of causing water damage if something fails.

6. Replace Your Aging Water Heater

Regular maintenance can keep your water heater running efficiently for longer, but all appliances wear out eventually. While a tankless water heater lasts about 25 years, a water heater with a tank lasts between 8 and 12. If your water heater is over its recommended lifespan, replace it before it fails.

Your water heater’s location and age can change how your system uses energy in your home. You can increase your water heater’s efficiency by following a checklist and scheduling regular maintenance. If you need water heater repair services in Beaumont, TX, call us at EcoWorks to schedule services today.

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