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How Repiping Can Prevent Plumbing Disasters in a Home

Many homeowners think that once a plumbing system is installed, they’ll never need to think about it again. Sadly, that isn’t the reality because pipes wear out over time. Older homes are especially at risk because it’s highly likely that the pipes have been there for quite some time. When pipes wear out, problems such as corrosion, cracks, rust, and leaks will occur, and these can lead to significant problems. Since Beaumont, TX has a rich history, older homes are prevalent in this area. If you’re living in an older house and want to prevent plumbing disasters from occurring, then repiping is necessary.

Repiping Can Prevent Health Hazards, Flooding, and High Water Bills

If you have pipes in your home that are constructed from lead or polybutylene, they must be removed immediately. Pipes constructed from lead have been known to cause significant health problems, especially in younger children. Lead exposure in young children has been known to lead to issues such as intellectual disabilities, stunted growth, neurological disorders, behavioral problems, hearing problems, and difficulty with speech. Even adults can become ill if they consume a small amount of lead. Polybutylene plumbing must also be removed because the fittings that have been used to install them are known to break easily, leading to significant plumbing disasters such as flooding and high water bills. Additionally, polybutylene pipes are fragile and unable to withstand some of the common disinfectants that are found in municipal water supplies, causing them to deteriorate from the inside. When polybutylene pipes deteriorate from the inside, they become worn-out and eventually rupture.

Repiping Can Prevent Property Damage and Mold Growth

Repiping your home can also prevent problems such as property damage and mold growth. The more pipes begin to wear out, the higher the risk is for leaks to occur. Silent leaks can occur, and these are even more problematic because they’re difficult to detect. Many homeowners only become aware of silent leaks when they start to notice mold growth in different areas of the home. In addition to mold growth, leaks cause property damage. Water can pool around pipes and appliances, causing walls and floors to become rotted. Once mold growth and property damage are an issue, you’ll need to spend thousands of dollars to restore the integrity of your home and remove such hazards.

If you need help determining whether your home needs repiping, reach out to EcoWorks today. Our highly trained plumbing experts will assess your plumbing system and advise you accordingly. If repiping is needed, we’ll collaborate with you to formulate an action plan to get the job done properly and make certain you’re 100% satisfied.

The EcoWorks team is standing by to provide you with the right solutions to your home’s plumbing system. Call 409-207-9522 now!

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