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How to Maintain Your Commercial Plumbing System

Running a business is challenging, but staying on top of your commercial plumbing can be even more challenging. Employees may pour grease down the sinks or flush feminine products down the toilet. It’s difficult to monitor everyone. However, if you want your plumbing system to stay in tip-top shape, it’s important to maintain it regularly. Here are some tips on how to do so.

Flush the Right Stuff Down Toilets and Sinks

If you have a commercial plumbing system, you may want to put up signs above every toilet and every sink. While you can’t watch every employee, you can try to ensure they flush toilet paper only rather than sanitary products and paper towels.

The same goes for kitchen sinks in the common room. Try to ensure that oils and greasy leftovers don’t go down the drain. Over time, grease solidifies and creates a clog.

You can purchase a main sewer line cleaner that can clear out clogs and use it monthly. But it’s also important to schedule annual maintenance so plumbers can ensure your drains and clogs are clear.

Check for Slow Drains

If you have slow drains in your commercial plumbing system, it could signify drainage problems ahead. There may be fat deposits that are slowly accumulating, for example. If you ignore the sluggish drain, you may suffer a full-blown clog later.

Besides signifying a possible clog, slow drains could point to larger issues within your pipes. If you suspect your drains are slow, call a plumber to see what the problem is. Professional plumbers can use snakes to clear your drain. If that doesn’t work, they can insert a camera into your pipes to locate the issue. This minor fix can save you lots of money in the future.

Check the Water Pressure Regularly

Another task that should be on your maintenance to-do list is checking the water pressure regularly. The water pressure in your building shouldn’t be too high because it can damage appliances and pipes. However, it also shouldn’t be too low since weak water flow can be frustrating.

Neglecting to check the water pressure can result in faucets sputtering or toilets not flushing properly. Low water pressure could also suggest a leak or a malfunctioning component. By monitoring your water pressure, you can catch and fix minor issues early.

Moreover, if you do happen to have a leak, you may be wasting lots of water daily and driving up your utility bill. By ensuring your pipes are in good condition, you’ll be substantially reducing waste and preventing a possible emergency.

Schedule Annual Maintenance

The above are tasks you can do yourself. However, to get a thorough tune-up, you should schedule annual maintenance with a plumbing company. Not only will professional plumbers ensure your plumbing complies with the local codes, but they’ll also identify any inefficient concerns, such as corroded pipes. Plumbers can provide helpful tips, too, such as insulating your pipes over the winter or upgrading to more environmentally friendly fixtures.

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