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4 Dangers of a Slab Leak on Your Property

Many people aren’t aware of what slab leaks are or how they can affect the quality of your home, but they’re common in Texas due to copper pipes that are present under slabs in most properties. Unfortunately, slab leaks are challenging to tackle and can be expensive to repair. As a homeowner in Beaumont, TX, it’s important to understand the hidden dangers of a slab leak and the necessary steps to take if one starts to develop.

1. Damage to the Foundation

When there’s a lot of excess moisture present due to a slab leak, it can quickly lead to issues with the foundation. Foundation issues are always serious and are expensive to repair. They can also affect the value of the property and can make the home difficult or unsafe to inhabit in severe cases. The concrete and steel materials that are in place are affected, which can prevent your home from being structurally sound once damage develops.

You can expect the foundation to shift and move when this starts to occur. If the problem isn’t immediately addressed, it can eventually cause the foundation to collapse.

2. Damage to the Yard

Slab leaks are also known to cause damage to the yard, which can affect your home’s curb appeal and cause your landscaping and plants to die. Brick retaining walls or fences can also become damaged, as well as concrete walkways on the property. Pools are also at risk of being affected, which can lead to thousands of dollars in damage.

3. Mold Growth

Whenever there’s a slab leak on the property, there’s always the risk of mold growth that can develop as the water sits and isn’t cleaned up. Mold growth is hazardous and can quickly be absorbed by dry walls and wood. Once mold begins to form, it immediately puts your family’s health at risk when they spend time in the building. Some people may start to develop respiratory issues, nosebleeds, migraines, and sinus pressure.

If you notice a slab leak on your property, it’s crucial to immediately contact a plumber from a company like EcoWorks in Beaumont, TX to perform the necessary repairs.

4. Damage to Your Flooring Materials

As water starts to seep into the building from a slab leak, you may notice damage to your flooring materials. This can result in water-logged carpets and cracked tiles. You’ll find it difficult to inhabit the home as the damage escalates until the leak is repaired.

If you want to learn additional information about the hidden dangers of slab leaks, feel free to contact our team today at EcoWorks in Beaumont, TX. We can provide you with assistance through the services we offer and will be happy to answer your questions.

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