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Water Leaks Grow Obvious in the Heat of Summer

Everyone is working to keep their utility bills as low as possible. If you have noticed that your water bill is creeping up, it could be that you have a small leak either inside your home or around your slab. Checking under sinks and around your plumbing is a good start, but you will need a professional to find and repair a hidden leak.

How Leaks Become Obvious in Summer

Hidden leaks are easier to spot in summer because the ground dries out a bit. If you find that you need to run the sprinklers to keep your lawn green, but there’s a patch of ground near your home that is always damp, there’s a pretty good chance you have a hidden leak in that area.

It’s not a good idea to leave hidden leaks to seal up on their own. First of all, you’re wasting water and may be paying more for that utility than is necessary. Secondly, a hidden leak can saturate the slab or basement wall of your home. Once cold weather hits, that water can freeze and fracture the concrete. You may suffer cracks in your slab or movement of your basement walls.

Detection Methods

A knowledgeable plumbing professional can find hidden leaks in or under your slab by listening for them. Water, under pressure, makes noise when it escapes a leaking water pipe.

Once your plumber has located the leak, they have several options. They may simply cut off that water line and run a new one, either through your attic or under the existing slab. Both of these options offer a fix that is reliable and minimally invasive.

Slab Demolition and Repair

In the worst case, your plumber may need to use a jackhammer to find the pipe and repair the leak. New concrete will need to be poured once the project is done. At this time, it may also be necessary to get your entire foundation checked out by a professional.

Concrete is generally stable. If you have a leak in your slab, it could be that the soil under it has shifted. In such cases, you may need to improve your grading or take other actions to stabilize your slab. An unstable slab can cause a great deal of costly damage over time. Addressing slab instability at the first sign of plumbing damage can lower your risk of more expensive fixes later.

If you need help with leak detection in your Beaumont, TX home, EcoWorks is ready to locate and repair the issue.

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