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How Re-piping Can Save Money on Your Water Bills

There may come a time when you will simply need to have your plumbing re-piped. The reason may be your pipes are so full of limescale that the water that comes out of your spigots has been reduced to a trickle. Your pipes may be made out of materials that are no longer up to code or time has simply rusted or corroded them. Whatever the reasons, these problems are costing you money. Here are some ways re-piping can save you money when it comes to your water bill.

Stabilizes Water Pressure

Re-piping helps the water that enters your home to flow through the fixtures at the right pressure. Pipes that are damaged or full of limescale can’t regulate water pressure well. If your water pressure is too low, you’ll end up using more water than you need as it comes out of showerhead and spigots in a frustrating dribble. Water pressure that’s too high can damage your pipes. Both problems raise your water bill. Water that is under the right amount of pressure lowers your bill to where it ought to be.

Prevents Leaks

Even a slow leak may not seem like much, but over time it can waste thousands of gallons of water and cost hundreds of dollars. Not only this, if a leak is ignored, it can propagate larger leaks. These leaks can damage your house. Re-piping ensures that your pipes are strong and leak-free.

Gets Rid of Limescale

One main reason for people to get their plumbing re-piped is limescale, which interferes with your water pressure. Limescale is a buildup of minerals such as calcium and magnesium in plumbing pipes that hardens over time to the point where it can’t be easily scoured out. It may be so pervasive within your plumbing system that re-piping is the only option.

Adds Low-Flow Components

If your plumber is re-piping your system, you may want to ask if they can add low-flow components while they’re at it. These components cut down on the flow to fixtures and water-dependent appliances, which saves you money when it comes to your water bill. You may already have these components in your system, so you might want to ask the plumber if they can be updated.

Ensures a Good Flow of Hot Water

If your pipes have leaks, your hot water heater will run out of water faster. Also, the water won’t be as hot as you like because the heater won’t have time to heat it to the right temperature. A re-pipe allows your heater to warm the water and deliver it to your fixtures at the temperature you want.

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