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Is Your Home’s Sewer Ready for Holiday Hosting?

Hosting holiday events for your friends and family members in your home is one of the most exciting aspects of the holiday season. Whether people are going to be staying at your home for an extended period, or you’re just hosting a holiday party, you want your home’s systems to be able to keep up with your guests. While many people don’t think about their sewer system until problems arise, it’s important that you take some steps to protect your sewer when it is being used more than usual due to the increased number of people in your home.

Be Careful With the Leftovers

Enjoying good food is one of the most important parts of many holiday celebrations. However, when you’re dealing with plates of food, there are bound to be some leftovers. It’s easy to assume that all leftovers should be thrown in the garbage disposal in order to save time and cut down on the amount of garbage you have to take out, but that’s not always the best option. There are many types of food debris that your garbage disposal can’t process, which leads to problems in your septic system. Be sure that you’re not throwing bones, fats, and certain types of stringy vegetables into the garbage disposal.

Everything Doesn’t Go in the Toilet

The toilets in your home are designed to flush human waste and toilet paper away. Unfortunately, many people create their own sewer problems by putting things in the toilet that lead to clogged lines. Feminine hygiene products, cotton balls, cotton swabs, cigarette butts, and any other number of items that we commonly see in toilets are not meant to go there. The lines that flow away from your toilet into the septic tank aren’t capable of letting certain items pass through. Before your guests arrive, you should be practicing good plumbing habits. Also, there are ways to politely let guests know that they shouldn’t throw everything in the toilet when they’re done in your bathroom.

Try to Space Out Showers

If your guests will be staying at your house overnight, your showers will probably get more use than they typically do. Obviously, you don’t want to restrict how your guests shower, so you should plan on making some changes yourself. Waiting between showers not only gives your hot water tank time to refill, but it also provides your drains with a chance to fully clear out before more water, hair, and soap pass through them. If your guests shower at night, consider putting your shower off until morning.

If you’re experiencing any problems with your sewer lines, contact EcoWorks today so we can get your Beaumont, TX home ready for the holidays.

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