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4 Tips for Maintaining Your Sewer Line

As much as you rely on your sewer line, you may not think twice about dropping garbage into the kitchen sink or noticing the trees growing near the line. At EcoWorks Plumbing, we handle multiple sewer line jobs every day in Beaumont, TX and help our clients clear their lines. An easy way to avoid expensive repairs is with some general maintenance tips that you should consider.

1. Look for Signs of Leaks

Looking for leaks and other signs of damage is one of the best ways to maintain your sewer line. You’ll often find that two or more of your drains move slowly. While a single slow drain may indicate a small problem, multiple slow drains will show that you have a clogged sewer line. There is a chance that you might see water where you didn’t expect, such as noticing water in the tub when you flush the toilet or finding water coming up in the toilet after a shower. A sulfur smell is another sign of a problem.

2. Watch Your Waste

Whether you pour liquids down the drain or throw away vegetable peels, always run the water when you use a sink drain. You should also watch your waste and what you put down the drain. Cooking grease is one of the worst things to pour down the drain. Though it looks like a liquid, it dries and then forms a hard substance in the line, which can cause a clog. Avoid placing personal wipes and feminine hygiene products or dental floss down the drain, too.

3. Take Care of Roots

The hot and humid climate of Beaumont makes it a great place for specific types of trees, including cedar elm and oak trees. Texas ash and black cherry trees are also common in the city. Though you’ll love that trees provide a lot of shade and produce some fruit, you won’t like the damage they can do to your sewer line. A small root can slip through a crack in the line no bigger than the width of a dime. That root will then keep moving through the pipe to obtain water and nutrients. As the root keeps growing, it will take over the pipe and form a massive clog that keeps waste from getting through. If you notice trees growing close to the line, have a professional take a look at them.

4. Get Maintenance Help

Getting sewer line help is one of the best maintenance tips you can use. At EcoWorks, we handle calls from people who have detected a strange odor and others who have backed up drains. You can ask us about cedar elm and other trees in Beaumont, TX that grow close to the line, or we can suggest whether you need a new line. Call EcoWorks today to schedule a maintenance appointment for the plumbing repairs you need.

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