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Sewer Line Problems? These Are the 3 Most Common Causes

Sewer lines are a sort of unsung hero in your home. When everything is working the way that you want it to, you probably don’t pay much attention to your sewer lines. However, when something goes wrong, and you begin to experience a sewage backup in your Beaumont, TX home, it won’t take you long to notice. If you are having problems with the sewer lines that carry waste, water, and other substances away from your home, at least one of these three common causes is probably to blame.

1. Clogged Drains

If the only thing that ever passed through your sewer lines was water, you would probably rarely notice a problem with your sewer lines. However, human waste, toilet paper, cleaning chemicals, and other substances routinely pass through drains and into your home’s sewer system. While some of these substances are soluble and break down when they come in contact with water, others simply aren’t. Grease, feminine hygiene products, and other items that people often flush are insoluble and can cause serious damage to your sewer lines. If you notice any of the warning signs associated with a damaged sewer line, it may be something as simple as a clogged line somewhere in the system.

2. Flooding

Obviously, you can take some steps to avoid the first cause of sewer line problems by being careful about what you flush down the toilet or pour down your drains. However, there are some other causes of sewer line problems that you have absolutely no control over. For instance, heavy rains are common in Beaumont, and they can result in floods that can do significant damage to a sewer system. When rainwater saturates the ground and floodwaters back up into your sewer system, you may notice significant backups. If you have a municipal sewer system, this becomes even more problematic, as entire areas of the sewer system may flood.

3. Tree Root Intrusions

Trees certainly make your home look more appealing, but the roots that keep those trees alive are one of the biggest enemies to your sewer system. Over time, it’s not uncommon for tree roots to infiltrate your sewer lines, which produces holes in the lines, making it impossible for your sewer system to carry the waste, water, and other substances away. Once again, there isn’t much that you can do to prevent this, so keeping an eye out for early warning signs of sewer damage is crucial.

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