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4 Reasons to Install a Tankless Water Heater This Spring

Tankless water heaters are more convenient and energy efficient than conventional systems. If you want to install a water heating system, the ideal season is spring. Here are the top reasons to schedule a tankless system this spring.

1. A Tankless Water Heater for Energy Savings

A tankless water heater provides water on demand. It eliminates the need for large storage tanks that hold water for hours. A conventional heater loses heat the longer the water sits in the tank.

Before installing a tankless heater, you’ll need to determine your hot water needs. Spring is the best time to consult an installation professional because there are fewer service requests.

The demand for hot water is higher than in other seasons, so the heater tends to break down frequently. Therefore, consider scheduling maintenance and installation during the spring season in Beaumont, TX.

2. Save Space With a Tankless Heater

A standard tank water heater typically holds between 40 and 50 gallons of water. Depending on your household, you may install a tank up to 120 gallons in capacity to meet your needs.

A conventional tank can take a considerable amount of floor space. The reservoir can be an eyesore that doesn’t fit with the modern furnishings in your home.

A tankless system can heat water as needed and does not require a tank to hold water. It can save space and expenditures on leasing extra space for all your storage. If you have a remodel or new construction project this spring, consider installing EcoWorks tankless water heaters in Beaumont, TX.

3. Avoid Leaks and Frequent Repair

One of the disadvantages of conventional systems is their susceptibility to leakages. The storage tank holds water for long periods at a time. Eventually, the heater succumbs to leaks due to the water pressure.

Additionally, some parts of Southern Texas have hard water that can damage the tank’s lining. Tankless systems are not as prone to damage from limescale since they don’t need a tank. That means reducing repairs during the winter season when you need hot water the most.

4. Longevity and Reliability

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, conventional water heaters have a lifespan of 10 to 15 years. Tankless systems last longer with an estimated lifespan of 20 or more years.

Additionally, replacement components for tankless systems are more affordable and easy to replace. The most recent models have energy-efficient features that make them last longer. Consult an experienced professional to ensure the system serves you reliably throughout its lifetime.

Spring is the least hectic season and often the best time to schedule a water heater installation. You can consult EcoWorks professionals for timely and affordable plumbing services in Beaumont, TX. Call our team today and take advantage of our 90-month warranty on labor and parts.

The EcoWorks team is standing by to provide you with the right solutions to your home’s plumbing system. Call 409-207-9522 now!

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