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5 Plumbing Safety Tips for Your Business

No matter what type of business you operate in Beaumont, TX, your plumbing system is of utmost importance. Most businesses have multiple restrooms, and many will have kitchens, eyewash stations, and other dedicated spaces and fixtures. Use these five plumbing safety tips to avoid workplace accidents and injuries.

1. Avoid Reaching Into Pipes

Dropping something down the sink or toilet is a common accident in offices and other business facilities. You or your employees might be tempted to reach in and retrieve whatever fell. Your staff might try a DIY method, such as using a coat hanger to catch an item that fell down the drain. This could result in injury to your employees, and it may end up pushing the dropped item deeper into the pipe.

2. Wear PPE When Plunging

A clogged toilet is another common plumbing problem in the workplace. Human waste, too much toilet paper, or improper flushing of hygiene items could clog the toilet. If anyone attempts to plunge the toilet to loosen the clog, provide them with personal protective equipment (PPE), including a face shield or goggles and a mask, and long rubber or latex gloves.

3. Address Leaks Immediately

A leaky sink or toilet might seem like a minor issue that can wait. However, the pooling water creates a slip-and-fall hazard in your workplace. Water puddles may be difficult to see on shiny tiled floors, and a person may unknowingly step into the hazard. As soon as you know about a leaking fixture, reach out for a professional plumbing repair.

4. Check the Water Heater’s or Boiler’s Thermostat

A problem with the thermostat for your water heater or boiler could cause steaming-hot water to come out of the faucets. This could result in burns when your employees or customers wash their hands. Regularly check the thermostat on the equipment. If employees or guests report that the water is too hot, and the water heater’s thermostat is set to 120 degrees Fahrenheit, this is an issue for a plumber to tackle.

5. Know How to Shut Off the Water

Although Beaumont has a generally warm to hot climate, there are times when the temperature drops below freezing. If your business isn’t well-insulated, the pipes might freeze and burst. If no water comes out of the pipes, or you notice a leaking pipe, turn off the water immediately. Know where your water main is, and make sure you have the correct tool to shut off the water at the main supply. After turning off the water, you’ll need to arrange for emergency plumbing repairs to fix the broken pipe.

Prevention is the key to avoid most types of plumbing problems. When your business does develop a plumbing issue, it’s best to leave it to our professionals. Our plumbers have the skills and experience to safely troubleshoot and repair any plumbing problem your business may face. For more information on plumbing safety for your Beaumont business, contact us at EcoWorks Plumbing today.

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