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Top 4 Ways a Slab Leak Can Impact Your Finances

Beaumont’s Boomtown Museum shows visitors what our community is all about, but those of us who live and work here already know. Ecoworks Plumbing has been working with local homeowners for years, so we also know how important it is to protect the investment in your home. Getting a slab leak is more common in this part of Texas than you’d think. Don’t let one of them go without repairing it. It will only cost far more in the long run after the damage mounts. Here are the top four ways slab leaks hurt the pocketbook.

1. You’ll Rack Up Excessive Water Bills

How much a slab leak adds to your water bill depends on its rate of flow, and it adds more as it gets faster. If you’ve had other leaks before, we can use that experience to give you a comparison.

For instance, a leaky toilet left alone can spill up to 8 gallons each hour. At nearly 200 gallons a day, that would be 6,000 by the end of the month. You’ll have to check what your utility company charges to see how much that would cost.

Some slab leaks might only lose a few gallons per day, but others could spill a lot more. We’ve seen them add several hundred dollars to someone’s bill after they’ve been left alone for a while.

2. Hidden Slab Leaks Lead to Water Damage

Not only do you have to pay for the water bill, but you’ll also pay for water damage. Hopefully, you’ll be able to file a claim with your insurance company to cover some of it. When you send them the claim, make sure to include pictures of everything as evidence.

Even approved claims don’t always give you enough to fix everything without digging deep into your own pocket, though. If you’re unlucky, you might be looking at several thousand dollars in repairs.

3. All the Moisture Encourages Mold to Start Growing

Whenever there’s water leaking, mold isn’t too far behind it. You’ve likely had to throw away food because there was mold forming on it. That’s not a tragedy. When it’s in your home, though, mold growth can pose a real health hazard. That’s why it’s so important to completely sterilize a home after mold is discovered. Otherwise, it could propagate throughout the walls and flooring, becoming very hard to remove.

4. Plumbing Repairs Only Get More Expensive the Longer You Ignore the Leak

As water leaks from the slab, it’s also splashing onto other pipes. This promotes rust formation, which weakens indoor plumbing. Letting water get onto the outside of your pipes might cause them to degrade faster than usual. As a result, you may end up looking for replacements sooner than expected.

Your Reliable Beaumont Plumbing Crew

EcoWorks enjoys working with residents all over the Beaumont area. Whether you’re in Vidor, Lumberton or Nederland, you can count on us. If you have a slab leak, our plumbers are here to help. Give us a call and ask us for a free quote.

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